A leadership team with decades of experience.

Our senior staff – and many of our Board  - have been dedicated members of the AHC team for years. This consistent, stable leadership contributes to AHC’s depth of experience and expertise. 

AHC Board

Walter D. Webdale, President
Justin Oliver, Chair
John V. Snyder, Vice Chair
Robert Bushkoff
David Barsky, Secretary

Carlton “C.C” Jenkins, Treasurer
Jason C. Dalley
Jacqueline Coachman
Thomas Klanderman
R. Scott Ritter

2016/2017 Board Bios

AHC Leadership Team

Walter D. Webdale, President and CEO
Stephen E. Smith, Senior Vice President
Dennis Lalor, Interim CEO, AHC Management LLC
Steve Yeatman, Chief Financial Officer
John M. Welsh, Vice President, Multifamily Group
Carlton G. Miller,  Vice President, Construction
Andrew Vincent, Director, AHC Greater Baltimore
Alan Goldstein, Director, Multifamily Division
James K. Lowe, Director, Portfolio Management
Catherine Bucknam, Vice President, Community Relations
Jennifer Endo, Director, Resident Services
Stania Romain, Director, Human Resources