NeighborWorks America Helps Build Housing, Resident Services and Organizational Success

 NeighborWorks America (NW) was founded 40 years ago as a grassroots approach to creating better, more affordable homes in places that need them most. Since its Congressional chartering in 1978, the organization has expanded from working with 50 nonprofit organizations to nearly 250 nationwide.

AHC Inc. is proud to have been a NeighborWorks partner since 2001. Since then, we have received $13 million in assistance, which we have leveraged with public and private investment to develop more than 5,000 affordable and workforce housing units.

“Neighborworks America’s steadfast support to AHC Inc. over the last 18 years has significantly impacted AHC’s ability to expand our efforts in creating affordable housing and positively impacting the lives of our residents,” said Stephen Smith, AHC Inc. Executive Vice President. “NW assists AHC to strengthen communities, promote innovation, raise low cost capital and enhance our organization’s sustainability.”

Over the years, NeighborWorks has also significantly helped its nonprofit partners develop programs for residents, including financial coaching, job readiness and placement, healthy housing and access to educational opportunities.

NeighborWorks has supported a variety of AHC’s initiatives to help residents build stronger lives. Currently, NeighborWorks is working with AHC to develop an expanded Financial Capability program to help our residents build assets and start saving so they have more financial stability and are not living paycheck to paycheck. AHC started building a Financial Capability program in Baltimore eight years ago, and the initiative has already significantly improved hundreds of lives. Based on that success and, thanks to NeighborWorks support, AHC is working to replicate those efforts in Arlington.

Along with housing and services for residents, NW also helps its partners build strong and sustainable organizations.  “NW programs promote the professional growth and development of AHC staff and provide critical ongoing technical assistance to AHC – key ingredients to AHC’s organizational success,” said Smith.

Recently, AHC participated in a Peer Exchange with Common Bond Communities (St. Paul, MN) and Eden Housing (Hayward, CA) thanks to NeighborWorks support. Bringing organizations together from different parts of the country provides a valuable opportunity to share strategies and develop constructive ideas.

Photo: Leaders from Common Bond Communities and Eden Housing joined AHC Inc. to exchange ideas during a recent NeighborWorks Peer Exchange.


Founded in 1975, AHC Inc. is a nonprofit developer of affordable housing in the mid-Atlantic region that provides quality homes and education programs for low- and moderate-income families. Based in Arlington, VA, AHC has developed more than 7,000 apartment units in 50+ properties in Virginia and Maryland. AHC’s Resident Services program reaches 2,000 children, teens, adults and seniors each year through onsite education programs and activities.