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Affordable Housing Developer AHC Inc. Announces Plans to Transition its Property Management Services

Nonprofit affordable housing developer AHC Inc. announced that it plans to transition its property management services to third-party management companies starting in 2022. While managing the transition process into the new year, AHC Inc. will continue to focus on its mission to provide quality affordable housing and resident services, while engaging with residents and local leaders to help individuals and communities thrive.

“This decision comes after a thorough and careful examination of our residents’ and employees’ needs, current industry trends, and AHC’s long-term strategic goals,” said Susan Cunningham, Interim CEO of AHC Inc. “For over 20 years, AHC Management has served thousands of families well and built community across dozens of properties.”

“Transitioning AHC Management’s services to third-party providers will enable us to both provide our residents with the best-in-class service they deserve and to re-focus our efforts on what we do best – developing much-needed affordable housing and building brighter futures for families throughout Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland, added Cunningham.

“AHC Management’s relatively small scale combined with two years of pandemic challenges, supply chain issues, and persistent labor shortages also contributed to the change,” said Cunningham. “About a third of our portfolio is currently managed by third-party companies and we are confident this is the best path forward.”

The four property management companies selected to take over the management of AHC’s portfolio of properties include: Drucker + Falk, Harbor Group, Paradigm Management, and WinnResidential. AHC has worked closely with the four companies to position employees and residents for a smooth and successful transition of each property over the next four months. Each of the third-party management companies intends to retain onsite AHC Management staff at the same property with similar job title, pay, and benefits.

Cunningham added: “We believe that transitioning the day-to-day management of AHC’s communities to this diverse group of well-respected third-party management companies will further enhance residents’ experience. It will also create high-quality career opportunities for the AHC Management staff currently serving these properties.”

Cunningham also noted that the announced transition will not hinder the organization’s ongoing commitment to elevating residents’ voices through a variety of community engagement efforts. In recent months, AHC expanded its staff with a new community engagement assistant director, as well as six new Board members who represent a variety of lived experiences. Later this month, the nonprofit also plans to launch a joint CEO-Board organization-wide community engagement initiative.


About AHC Inc.

AHC Inc., a nonprofit developer based in Arlington, VA, builds and preserves affordable and mixed-income housing in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. Since 1975, AHC has developed more than 8,200 apartments in the mid-Atlantic region, including 3,400 in Arlington. AHC’s Resident Services program reaches thousands of children, teens, adults, and seniors each year through onsite education and social service programs and activities.

Media Contact: Jennifer K. Smith, Director of Communications, 703-486‑0626 x1118


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