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AHC Celebrates Largest-Ever Graduating Class

June 17, 2022

On June 9, family, friends and mentors celebrated the 42 graduates of AHC’s College & Career Readiness (CCR) program. This was the highest number of graduating students since the program began. The CCR program also saw the largest number of overall participants this year, with 69 juniors and seniors from area high schools.

This year’s graduating students included a POSSE scholar, several students with full rides to college – and even two juniors who graduated early! Read more about the students heading to college.

As always, mentors played important roles in the success of the students. Their dedication and connection to the students was a game-changer. Ludwin Alvarez has worked with long-time mentor Marjorie Macieira since sixth grade, and she supported him through Teen Tutoring and CCR. In fact, Ludwin has been in AHC’s educational programs since first grade.

The keynote speaker at the event was Flor Caceres Godoy, a 2018 CCR alumni, Posse scholar and recent graduate from Lafayette College. Along with her valuable insights and advice for the graduates, she shared, “I know my number one fear going into college and high school, because both of them were predominantly white students, faculty and staff, was ‘am I going to fit in?’ The answer is no. You are not supposed to. You are meant to stand out. You are meant to shine brighter than ever before.”

Thank you to all of our mentors, volunteers, community partners, and supporters for helping AHC’s graduates shine bright!

2022 Graduating Students

Abigia Mulugeta

Afrin Akhtar

Alishaba Hayat

Amelia Castro

Anand Tselmeg

Andy Garcia

Anwar El Gattari

Ayman Adam

Azucena Moreno

Betel Bereket

Carla Bacerra

Carolina Soto

Cecilia Fosso

Claudia Andrade

Daisy Cabrera

Davis Orellana

Franklin Garcia

Fraol Gurmu

Gabriel Lara

Gabriella Perla

Hermon Gebreezgi

Iyar Soliman

Joanna Viruez Guzman

Joel Jonathan Escobar

Juhud Abdulkhadir

Karen Gonzales Cifuentes

Laetitia Noutcha

Logan Salinas

Ludwin Alvarez

Maha Bouchareb

Margad Enkhbat

Margot Rodriguez

Mia Henry

Nichole Escobar-Rojas

Nicolas Lopez

Nirusma Dahal

Simon Kahsay

Petros Kebede

Sahara Sania

Sara Berhe Abraha

Williz Zamorio

List of all the mentors

Ashly Winfield

Eric Hannon

Evan Heit

Sydney Gang

Susan Leland

Rick Carter

Pascale Pierre

Soonho Kwon

Sarah Kolk

Peter C. Pfieffer

Sharon Showalter

Chelsea Jones

Mariah Creech

Janet Bickel

CJ Park

Laurel Holmes

Adrienne Eng

Lizzie Utset

Greg Frey

Marjorie Macieira

Chelsea Legendre

Elsy Lopez

Katherine Swanson

Cindy Santner

Emily Kane

Jeanne Sweeney

Charles Barbour

Tara Claeys


About AHC Inc.

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