AHC Celebrates Volunteer Appreciation Month


AHC Celebrates 400 Volunteers Who Donated 6,000 Hours To Children and Families This Year, including 23 Dedicated Five- and Ten-Year Volunteers 

Celia Slater, Communications Director, AHC Inc., 571-228-5948 or celia.slater@ahcinc.org

As a nonprofit community organization, AHC Inc. is immensely grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who contribute to the success of our residents and programs. During Volunteer Appreciation Month, we celebrate 400 volunteers who provided more than 6,000 hours this year to AHC’s education and social services programs in our affordable apartment communities. That includes 23 dedicated individuals who have volunteered for more than five years and 68 volunteers from 20+ different businesses and groups.

“Our volunteers are special, generous individuals who are critical to the success of the students, families and senior citizens we serve,” said Laura Jackson, AHC’s Volunteer Coordinator. “From tutoring teens and helping students get into college to delivering backpacks and helping at our annual Thanksgiving feasts, we couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers’ commitment.”

Many children start AHC’s education programs in elementary school and continue through 12th grade. The multi-year program’s consistency and stability help level the playing field. “Education can transcend so many barriers, so I want to be a part of that, even if in a small way,” said Bernie Piper, who has worked with AHC students for more than 10 years. “An ability and desire to learn are the keys to our success both as individuals and a society.”

Thanks to dedicated volunteers and staff, AHC’s students are beating the odds and building stronger futures.  For more than 10 years, 100% of the students in AHC’s program have graduated from high school and most have gone on to college – often the first in their families to achieve that milestone.

AHC’s volunteers also provide safe spaces and a sense of family that lasts for years. Many volunteers work with the same student year after year and celebrate their achievements as they grow and change. “Working with the kids is the best,” said Terron Sims, who has volunteered with AHC students for 14 years. “Assisting them with their homework and helping to build their self-esteem and confidence is a great joy.” The long-time relationships build a sense of community for both students and volunteers. “Since I’ve been at Harvey Hall since 2006, I feel as though I am part of that community because I am at a point where I have tutored the older siblings and a parent of some of my current kids.”

Celebrating Five and Ten-Year Volunteers

Creating personal connections and making a difference are key to many volunteers’ long-time commitment. “When kids graduate and are happy about their own accomplishments and achievements, which they didn’t see coming, that makes me feel our time together was a great investment,” said Marjorie Macieira, a five-year volunteer who still keeps touch with one of her students who is now in her junior year of college.

Emily Lorenz, who has also volunteered for five years, is also enjoying the personal connection she has developed working with the same student for two years. Although volunteering weekly seemed like a big commitment, she has found that “it fills her up more than it takes away.”  “I look forward to coming each week and adore the student I’m working with,” said Lorenz.

This year we celebrate 23 wonderful individuals who have volunteered with AHC for more than five years, including seven who have participated for 10 years or more. We are grateful for their dedication and immeasurable contributions to our residents’ success.

Ten-year Volunteers

Jim Burridge, Terry Burridge, Santosh Chokhani, Hanh Nguyen, Bernie Piper, Alison Sheahan, and Terron Sims

Five-year Volunteers

Kate Athing and the Marymount Women’s Lacrosse Team, Tim Bellaire, Lisa Blake, Anne Blacksten, Charles Cope, Adrienne Eng, Greg Frey, Coral Harris, Evan Heit, Emily Lorenz, Marjorie Macieira, Ty Mitchell, Laura Noble, and Maria Woolverton.

Visit AHC’s Instagram at @AHC_Inc for individual portraits of many of our long-time volunteers.

To learn more about volunteering with AHC, please email volunteer@ahcinc.org or visit https://www.ahcinc.org/get-involved/volunteers/.

About AHC Inc.

Founded in 1975, AHC Inc. is a nonprofit developer of affordable housing that provides quality homes and education programs for low- and moderate-income families. Based in Arlington, VA, AHC has developed more than 7,500 apartment units in 50+ properties in Virginia,  Maryland and Washington, DC. AHC’s Resident Services program reaches 3,000 children, teens, adults and seniors each year through onsite education and social service programs and activities. For more information, visit www.ahcinc.org