Walter D. Webdale Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

December 19, 2017 – Canisius College has named Walter D. Webdale, AHC Inc. President and CEO, a Distinguished Alumni, the highest honor bestowed upon those who differentiate themselves as leaders in their chosen professions.

“It’s one of the special privileges as president to know of the amazing personal and professional accomplishments of our alumni,” said Canisius President, John J. Hurley. “Known as a pioneer in the field of urban renewal, Walter D. Webdale has been in the affordable housing industry for more than 50 years. Under Webdale’s tutelage, AHC more than tripled its multifamily housing portfolio, and its award-winning resident services program expanded to reach 3,000 children, adults and seniors each year through onsite education programs.”

Canisius College, founded in 1870 by German Jesuits, is located in Buffalo, NY and promotes the Jesuit principles of excellence, service and leadership.

“For more than 50 years, my life’s work has been to provide a roof overhead to those who need it most,” said Webdale upon accepting the award. “Developing quality affordable housing along with services to help families build successful futures for themselves and their children is my passion and my vocation. I credit Canisius College with inspiring my compassion for others who need a helping hand; for building my leadership skills; and for instilling my love for learning, which has helped me keep pace with our evolving world.”

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Photo: Canisius College President, John J. Hurley (left), congratulates Walter D. Webdale, AHC Inc. President and CEO, on receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award at the Montante Cultural Center, a completely renovated and refurbished concert hall that was one of the college’s original churches.


Founded in 1975, AHC Inc. is a nonprofit developer of affordable housing in the mid-Atlantic region that provides quality homes and education programs for low- and moderate-income families. Based in Arlington, VA, AHC has developed more than 7,000 apartment units in 53 properties in Virginia and Maryland. AHC’s Resident Services program reaches 2,000 children, teens, adults and seniors each year through onsite education programs and activities.