Housing + Education = Success.

AHC Community Centers: Where residents gather… and a community gathers to help.


Arlington County 

Fort Henry Apartments
2470 S. Lowell Street, Arlington, VA 22204
Phone: 703-271-7297
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Gates of Ballston – (Metro accessible)
4108 4th Street North, Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: 703-875-8608
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Harvey Hall Apartments
850 & 860 S. Greenbrier St., Arlington, VA 22204
Phone: 703-379-4307
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Hunter’s Park Apartments (senior citizen community)
2012 N. Nelson Street, Arlington, VA 22207
Phone: 703-892-4330
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Virginia Gardens Apartments
1710 S. Taylor St., Arlington, VA 22204 (Resident Services office)
1712 S. Taylor St., Arlington, VA 22204 (Community Center)
Phone: 703-521-0974
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Woodbury Park / The Frederick – (Metro-Accessible)
2335 North 11th St., Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-807-1941
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Montgomery County

Charter House (senior citizen community)
1316 Fenwick Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-495-0982
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Barclay Greenmount
1735 Guilford Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202 (meeting room)
Phone: 443-835-4183
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Greenspring Overlook
2406 Loyola Northway, Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-664-2233
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MonteVerde Apartments (senior citizen community)
2501 Violet Ave., Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-728-4422
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Union Rowe
1500 W. Fayette St., Baltimore, MD 21223
Phone: 443-388-9346
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