AHC Greater Baltimore’s Resident Services programs began in 2004.

Serving a large population of very low-income or unemployed and under-employed residents, AHC Greater Baltimore’s Resident Services program focuses primarily on programs that help stabilize families and improve their financial situations. AHC Greater Baltimore also offers programs for senior citizens and activities for children.


Together, we are building:

Stronger Credit Ratings

In 2014, AHC Greater Baltimore began a partnership with Credit Builders Alliance to help strengthen residents’ credit ratings through a rent reporting pilot program. AHC-GB is one of only eight organizations across the country participating in the program, which enables residents to report on-time rent payments to credit bureaus to help them build or repair credit. This is an exciting opportunity for low-income renters, a population that generally does not have access to traditional credit-building paths.

Economic Stability for Women

We help empower women by helping them set personal goals related to finding new or better employment, earning a GED, or starting a new business. Since the program started in 2014, several residents have successfully improved their economic situation by landing part-time jobs, entering a GED program or creating a business plan for growing an existing personal business.

Financial Literacy/Assets

Launched in 2012, this program helps build financial stability for low-income families, seniors and persons with disabilities. Staff members meet regularly with residents to provide individualized, step-by-step financial guidance and offer ongoing support that makes a difference. Currently the program serves 165 people at four AHC-GB properties in Baltimore.

Job Readiness Initiative

The Job Readiness component of the Assets Building Program is a comprehensive effort to help residents overcome the barriers they face when finding employment. The program includes a part-time job coach, growing partnerships with local job training programs, and ongoing support for applicants. The strategy is working. Dozens of residents have begun steady jobs. Read more.

Resident Retention

This proven program helps families and individuals stay in their apartments and avoid potential eviction. Staff works closely with families to connect them with local organizations that provide emergency funds or set up payment schedules with utilities or creditors. In Baltimore, staff successfully work with about 150 families each year to avoid eviction. The program is working – 95% of those who receive notices are prevented from being evicted thanks to intervention.

Community Connections

We work hard to build community at our properties. During the year we host a variety of activities, from barbecues to health fairs, to bring residents together and build stronger connections among neighbors.