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AHC Approved for Phase II of Terraces Redevelopment

February 14, 2024

Affordable Homes & Communities (AHC) received zoning approval from Arlington County for the second phase of our redevelopment at The Terraces at Arlington View community. The plan will replace 37 apartments on the west side of South Rolfe Street with 78 new apartments. The project will more than double the homes and further our revitalization work in this community.

This comes less than a year after AHC's grand opening of The Terraces at Arlington View (East), a $40.8 million redevelopment that includes 77 affordable apartments.

We are partnering with our experienced design team led by Cunningham Quill Architects and Walter L. Phillips to bring the same high-quality, new homes to this community. AHC's second redevelopment phase will increase the supply of affordable housing at this prime location right off Columbia Pike, provide more outdoor amenity space, and improve accessibility for our residents.

“This second phase of redevelopment demonstrates our commitment to bringing high-quality homes to all our residents in this community,” Paul Bernard, AHC President & CEO, said. “We are investing in our current communities to build equity and open doors for our residents to create the lives they want to live.”

The project was approved under Arlington County’s Neighborhoods Form Based Code. We appreciate the collaboration with county Zoning staff and our attorneys at Walsh Colucci throughout the approval process.

As a next step, AHC will apply for county and state resources to finance this important new development. AHC aims to break ground in 2025.


Media Contact: Jennifer K. Smith, Director of Communications,,

703-486-0626 x1118


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