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Moving Forward,
Opening Doors

We have developed this bold plan at a time of great need and struggle for so many in our region and nation.  And we haven’t gotten here alone. To develop our 2024-2028 Strategic Plan, we started in the fall of 2022. We gathered input from many perspectives: our staff and community partners, industry experts, national leaders in affordable housing – and of course residents.

Goal 1 - Meaningful Growth

Double the size of our portfolio and continually improve and invest in our current communities.

Strategy 1: Optimize our current housing portfolio performance to support expanded impact.

Strategy 2: Develop a real estate investment platform that supports growth through diverse housing development and acquisition opportunities.

Strategy 3: Assess and execute a targeted acquisition and development strategy to expand committed affordability and broaden AHC’s impact.

Strategy 4: Identify and access socially motivated mission-aligned capital to allow for the financially feasible execution of a range of approaches to the delivery of affordable housing.

Goal 2 - Transformational Engagement

Build and sustain healthy, beautiful, and equitable communities with our residents to open doors through which they can create homes, neighborhoods, and the lives they want to live.

Strategy 1: Expand the highest quality, trauma-informed resident services to 100% of AHC communities.

Strategy 2: Build community, connection, and engagement among residents.

Strategy 3: Strengthen and expand economic mobility programming.

Strategy 4: Strengthen and expand health and wellness programming.

Strategy 5: Strengthen and develop education and training programming.

Goal 3 - Dynamic Collaboration

Deepen and expand our relationships with residents, neighbors, funders, and community partners to improve systems and advance our common goals.

Strategy 1: Position AHC as an innovative leader in affordable housing development and resident services.

Strategy 2: Deepen AHC's positive presence in 100% of its communities and neighborhoods.
Strategy 3: Lead and participate in federal, state, and local advocacy efforts to increase affordable housing and resident services resources.

Goal 4 - Impactful Capital

Generate and expand financial resources to strengthen our infrastructure and achieve greater impact.

Strategy 1: Develop a well-defined operating and business model to ensure financial sustainability and mission impact.

Strategy 2: Position the organization and pursue opportunities for large-scale investment in AHC to increase the speed and efficiency of project development.

Strategy 3: Build the fundraising infrastructure to raise at least $4M annually for Resident Services and $6M to support other organizational growth or portfolio enhancements by 2028. 

Strategy 4: Build the capacity of the Finance Department to serve as a key internal business partner that supports other AHC departments.

Strategy 5: Develop a strategic and proactive risk management program that identifies and ranks all significant risks facing AHC.


Goal 5 -High-Performing Organization

Invest in our staff, culture, and systems to align with our values and our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. 

Strategy 1: Build and sustain AHC culture of engagement to mission, DEIB, and core values to accelerate expanded impact.

Strategy 2: Become an Employer of Choice to attract, develop, and retain a diverse and engaged workforce.

Strategy 3: Develop and implement internal infrastructure to ensure consistency, efficiency, and equity in the way we do our work.


Goal 6 - Board Leadership

Further develop and strengthen our Board of Directors to advance our mission. 

Strategy 1: Continue to evolve our Board to fully reflect our communities and constituencies and provide the skills, knowledge, and relationships to advance our mission.

Strategy 2: Create resident leadership development pathways within AHC communities to bring added voice and perspective to the Board of Directors.

Strategy 3: Build industry knowledge and acumen among our Board members so they can successfully govern our organization.

Strategy 4: Enlist our Board members as ambassadors to build and strengthen our relationships and reputation in the communities we serve and hope to serve. 


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