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With Nearly 30 Years of Resident Services Success, AHC Knows What It Takes to Build Abundant Futures

Focusing on Four Cornerstones of Housing Stability

AHC's award-winning Resident Services program started nearly 30 years ago simply to provide children with organized activities in the afternoons.

Today, AHC offers many services for families, adults, and seniors. The program provides services where people live and builds long-term and trusting relationships with families and individuals.

Resident Services focuses on four key areas:

  • Education & Youth Development

  • Health & Wellness

  • Economic Mobility

  • Community Building & Engagement

Education & Youth Development

AHC's educational programs for students encourage academic excellence and personal growth in a nurturing and stable environment. Programs are in the communities where families live and are a vibrant part of children's lives from elementary through high school. Our multi-pronged approach includes:

Afterschool Program

AHC's Afterschool programs focus on improving literacy and social-emotional learning. Staff and volunteers work with elementary students to build reading, writing, and vocabulary skills through a variety of educational and cultural activities.

Teen Tutoring

AHC's program for middle and high school students aims to keep teens in school and help them maximize their options after high school. The program includes one-on-one tutoring, college visits, SAT test prep, and other enriching experiences.

College and Career Readiness Program

Our College and Career Readiness program helps high school juniors and seniors successfully transition to their next step. The program also pairs students with adult mentors for an entire year.  All students in the program graduate from high school and nearly all continue to college.

Summer Camp

AHC's Summer Camp program is designed to prevent learning loss—a particular challenge for low-income students—through both educational and enrichment experiences. Kids have so much fun they don't even realize they're building literacy and math skills, too.

Health & Wellness

AHC offers community connections and onsite programs to help adults strengthen their economic stability and build stronger futures for themselves and their families. Programs include onsite screening, partnerships with local food banks that provide food weekly, English as a Second Language courses, and access to local government services.

Programs for seniors continue to grow. As the number of older adults grows, the need for affordable living opportunities for older Americans is likewise increasing.

Currently, AHC operates three senior apartment communities. All provide programs and staff to help residents age in place successfully. Activities include exercise classes, arts and crafts, nutrition and wellness programs, access to libraries, continuing education, and cultural excursions.

Community Building & Engagement

AHC's goal is to increase resident voice throughout our communities through surveys, focus groups, and resident meetings—and supporting resident-led activities and community groups. We provide resident surveys in every language to assess the needs and interests of residents. AHC also has a Resident Ambassador Committee to help elevate resident voices.

In 2022, AHC began using a trauma-informed approach in working with residents. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma ultimately enhances our services and interactions with all residents.

Each year, AHC communities host a variety of activities, from barbecues to health fairs, to bring residents together and build strong connections among neighbors.

Economic Mobility

Resident Services works with residents through workshops and clinics to access funds, increase income, and maintain housing stability.

The team collaborates with several organizations that provide financial assistance, help build financial stability, and promote career development for low-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities. Staff regularly meet with residents to provide individualized, step-by-step financial guidance and offer ongoing support.

The job readiness component of our program helps residents overcome the barriers they face when finding employment. The program includes partnerships with local job training programs and ongoing support for applicants.

Resident Services also focuses on women's empowerment by helping them set personal goals related to finding new or better employment, earning a GED, or starting a new business.

How You Can Help

Volunteer – Volunteers are the heart and soul of AHC's Resident Services programs.  Learn more

Partner – AHC has formed dozens of invaluable partnerships with community organizations that round out our programs.  Learn more


Donate – Donations go directly to programs serving children and families in our Resident Services program. Donate now

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