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AHC was founded in 1975 by a group of concerned Arlington citizens in partnership with Arlington County, a collaboration forged by concerns over the cost and scarcity of affordable housing. As the housing challenge continued to grow throughout the mid-Atlantic region, AHC evolved to answer the need.

AHC’s efforts are recognized throughout the region as a major force in maintaining a diversity of housing. Known initially as the Arlington Housing Corporation, AHC has evolved from a nonprofit grassroots entity providing a home improvement program for low- and moderate-income homeowners in Arlington to a full-service organization whose low- and mixed-income housing communities serve Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax County in Virginia and Montgomery County and the Baltimore area in Maryland.


Over the years, AHC has developed 50+ properties providing more than 7,500 affordable, workforce, and market-rate homes.

True to our roots, we remain the oldest and largest developer of affordable housing in Arlington, where we continue to have the largest concentration of our properties.


  • 1975: AHC founded in Arlington, VA. Home improvement program for low- and moderate-income homeowners starts.

  • 1980: AHC purchases first affordable rental community.

  • 1993: Resident Services program founded as a pathway to better futures for our residents.

  • 1999: Summer Camp program begins.

  • 2004: AHC Greater Baltimore opened.

  • 2005: First Baltimore County property acquired.

  • 2006: First Fairfax County property acquired.

  • 2009: First Montgomery County property acquired.

  • 2014: First project in Alexandria, VA breaks ground.

  • 2014: First Washington, DC partnership established.

  • 2016: AHC launches its resident’s service program, College and Career Readiness, to help support young scholars in our communities.

  • 2016: AHC celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

  • 2019: AHC Greater Baltimore wins the Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition’s 2019 Innovation Award for its Health & Wellness Program at MonteVerde Apartments.

  • 2022: AHC Board names Paul Bernard as the new Chief Executive Officer.

  • 2022: First Prince George’s County, Maryland, property acquired



Your gift will help provide Vital Services and onsite Education Programs to families living at AHC Inc.’s affordable housing communities.

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