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AHC Reaffirms Commitment Through New Mission, Vision, & Values

October 26, 2023

Affordable Homes & Communities (AHC) revealed its new mission, vision, values, beliefs, and strategic plan at the 2023 Annual Celebration on October 19, reaffirming its commitment to building equitable communities by putting residents at the heart of its work.

AHC’s board and senior leadership staff began the strategic planning process last fall.

“We viewed the process as an opportunity to reset, renew, and set forth a vision for impact in our communities,” said Paul Bernard, AHC President & CEO. “Our new mission, vision, and values, along with the recent rebranding, build on AHC’s past successes while taking a big step forward in our evolution.”

The board and leadership team worked with staff, community partners, industry experts, and residents to develop AHC’s goals for the next five years and the strategies to reach them.

Now, the plan is publicly accessible, along with the new mission, vision, values, and beliefs. AHC debuted a short video detailing these changes at the celebration. Leadership shared the new content following the launch of AHC’s rebranding in September.

​AHC Mission Statement
The residents of Affordable Homes & Communities are at the heart of all we do. AHC builds opportunity by creating quality homes with holistic resident services. We drive change through innovation, genuine partnerships, and responsible investment.

The five-year plan outlines AHC’s ambitious goals to double its housing portfolio, reach every resident through Resident Services, develop and promote communities of opportunity, go deep into current markets by improving and deepening relationships, and address the affordable housing crisis by making housing more deeply affordable.

AHC commits to working to achieve these goals and realize its vision of “a world where all people share the same opportunities regardless of income, race, or other qualities; where housing is integral to a healthy, welcoming, and equitable society; and where affordable homes are available to all.”

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