Celebrating 25 years of Resident Services, AHC has learned that it takes more than bricks and mortar to build successful futures.

Today, AHC’s award-winning Resident Services program makes a true difference in the lives of more than 3,000 children and adults in Arlington and Maryland. Our programs work particularly well because they are located right in residents’ backyards and have become an integral part of their communities.

Resident Services By the Numbers: Celebrating 25 Years!

2018 Resident Services Infographics


Our programs

Our programs provide a wide range of educational programs, services and social activities for the children, youth, families and senior citizens who live in our affordable housing communities. Our programs in Virginia and Maryland have evolved to meet the specific needs of the individual communities we serve.

Virginia – AHC’s Arlington Resident Services program began 25 years ago and focuses primarily on comprehensive education programs for elementary through high school students. The program also provides community connections and onsite programs to help adults strengthen their economic stability and build stronger futures for themselves and their families. Learn more.

Maryland – AHC Greater Baltimore’s Resident Services program started in 2004 to help stabilize families and improve their financial situations. The program also offers programs for senior citizens and activities for children. Learn more.

Helping children succeed for 25 years

You can help

Volunteer – Volunteers are the heart and soul of AHC’s Resident Services programs.  Learn more.

Partner – AHC has formed dozens of invaluable partnerships with  community organizations that round out our programs.  Learn more.

Donate – Donations go directly to programs serving children and families in our Resident Services program. Donate now.

AHC Inc. is committed to helping all our residents stay securely housed. If you are struggling to pay rent, our experienced Resident Services team can help you access rent relief resources and develop payment plans. For a confidential discussion today, please contact Resident Services at 703-486-0626 x 1112 or susan.davidson@ahcinc.org.